Expanding Healthcare Access for Blind Children Grant Program

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Subject: Child Welfare, Health, Healthcare Access
Deadline: Dec. 16, 2016

"Partners for Global Research and Development (PGRD), on behalf of the USAID Child Blindness Program (CBP) is seeking applications for activities aimed at increasing the number of children provided with quality eye care services and increasing global knowledge of pediatric eye care through innovation and the implementation of best practices. CBP is seeking projects that maximize the impact of eye health interventions targeted to children and vulnerable populations. Since 1991, CBP has funded effective and efficient programs to push forward the field of pediatric eye care in order to expand health care knowledge and increase the number of children served. The current RFA focuses on innovations that will drive improvements to on-the-ground programming. CBP encourages applications for projects that demonstrate creative solutions that addressing IGBP topic areas, CBP goals, and the Continuum of Care. Solutions must be practical and actionable; demonstrate impact; and be based on verifiable data, literature articles and similarly reliable information. Projects may focus on operations research, scale-up of existing programming and reviews of current trends or knowledge gaps. Additionally, projects may address any area of eye care delivery including: clinical, managerial, and administrative."

Funder: Agency for International Development
Eligibility: "All applicants must be legally registered: • US Not-For-Profit Organizations, including Private Voluntary Organizations, foundations, and private universities. • US For-Profit Organizations (note that profit or fee is not allowed under grants) • Non-US For-Profit and Not-For-Profit Organizations (note that profit or fee is not allowed under grants) • Applicants otherwise qualified to receive awards under applicable US laws and regulations (e.g., Nondiscrimination, Lobbying, Debarment/Suspension, Terrorist Financing, etc.)."
Amount: Up to $250,000
Contact: Link.