Community-Focused Applied Storytelling Project Grants

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Subject: Education, Reading, Youth Development, Community Development, Literacy
Deadline: Apr. 28, 2017

"The National Storytelling Network seeks to support a community-focused project that focuses on the transformative properties of storytelling in individuals and communities. Proposed projects must involve the application of storytelling to transform individuals and/or community. Although oral storytelling should be central to the project, the work need not be conducted by professional storytelling performers. Educators, therapists, naturalists, internal or external organizational practitioners, (e.g. personnel appropriate to the situation) may carry out the project, so long as they can draw on suitable storytelling expertise and experience. We are looking for responsiveness to the standards of good practice in the field of the project and in the field of applied storytelling."

Funder: The National Story Telling Network
Eligibility: "Individuals or organizations may apply. Individuals may wish to use a fiscal sponsor. Many sorts of projects can be considered for the Brimstone Award, including community, organizational or institutional programs, curricular activities, research, short residencies, and projects combining complementary art forms."
Amount: $5,000
Contact: Link.