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National Afterschool Matters Practitioner Fellowship - Radio show

The National Afterschool Matters Practitioner Fellowship is a two-year professional development and leadership training program. It is a partnership between the National Institute on Out-of-School Time (NIOST) at the Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College and the National Writing Project(NWP), with generous funding from the Robert Bowne Foundation. The program is a long-term (2 year) collaborative process for seasoned youth professionals who study, have deep conversations, engage in inquiry-based research, learning, and writing, under the guidance of experienced mentors.  End projects include briefing papers, workshops, curricula, and articles for professional publication.

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Aligning Community College Youth Work Curriculum with National Core Competencies for Youth Workers

This article describes how instructors at a community college in Philadelphia went about aligning their coursework with core competencies.  It also provides guidance on how to adapt a set of youth worker competencies at the program/agency level.

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Professional Development in Out-of-School Time - A Case Study in Maine

Professional Development in Out-of-School Time - A Case Study in Maine

A case study of programs in Maine participating in the Links to Learning training.  The case study showed how four professionals perceived the professional development as impacting their practice as they worked toward their Maine Youth Development Credential.

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Massachusetts Promise Fellowship Training

The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship Training works with AmeriCorps volunteers, training them in youth development and social justice.  This piece describes the core principals that guide the curriculum training design.

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