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Our Student Intern Experiential Learning Program

The Center for Sustainable Journalism (CSJ) publishes multiple projects including Youth Today, The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, Bokeh_Focus and The Georgia News Lab. Our student intern experiential learning opportunities provide Kennesaw State University students with real-world experience while they work on their degrees. We pride ourselves on employing and training them.

The CSJ offers KSU students experiential learning opportunities in sales and marketing, investigative journalism, photography, videography, social media management, website and app development,  grant writing and fundraising, event planning and more.

Here you can read testimonials from students who have worked at the CSJ in various jobs. Many have graduated and moved on to full-time work; some have been hired by the CSJ to continue their work with us.

Are you are interested in sponsoring a student or interviewing our students ready to enter the workforce?

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CSJ Special Projects Assistant
Master of Arts in Integrated Global Communication, Graduation Fall 2020
Career Success, Spring 2020: Graduate Assistant at KSU Department of Sports and Recreation in Marketing Department

“My stint at the Center for Sustainable Journalism (CSJ) was rewarding. It was my first job in the U.S and luckily amongst a cordial, energetic, encouraging team. I had the opportunity to apply my digital media skills, expand my research abilities and polish my planning and organization skills. Inasmuch as my time at CSJ was short, it was my stepping stone to the American job market, and I am grateful for the organizational ethos the team reflected because it gave me the insight to realize my potential and the energy to keep pushing the envelope. Thank you, CSJ!”


CSJ: Assistant Website Developer and Editor, 29 months
Applied Computer Science Major, Engagement Marketing Minor, Graduation Spring 2019
Career Success, Fall 2019: Ecommerce Specialist at Pearlman Group

“CSJ was an important stepping stone into my junior year as an ACS major. I had the opportunity to develop mobile apps for users to access CSJ’s projects on their smartphones. My experience at CSJ will provide future opportunities for me. My personal ambition is to become an entrepreneur combining my love for photography and my degree in ACS.” 


JJIE & Youth Today: Social Media Manager, 7 months
Psychology Major, Graduation Fall 2019

“In addition to the financial help I receive as payment for my job to make my way through school, the skills that I’ve learned from working at Youth Today, such as social media management and analytics, will give me an advantage over others as I apply for jobs once I graduate.”


Bokeh Focus: Photography Curator & Editor
Journalism and Merging Media Major, Graduation Fall 2019

“Working at the CSJ has been an incredible experience. It’s allowed me to grow my passion for photography and gain skills that’ll allow me to succeed in my field while working alongside some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. I’m thankful for the real-world experience that the CSJ has given me and look forward to what comes next.”


Youth Today: Circulation Marketing Associate, 11 months
Marketing Major, Information Systems Minor, Graduation Fall 2018
Career Success, Fall 2019: Corporate Data Analyst at Nolan Transportation Group (NTG)

“Working at Youth Today gave me great opportunities to develop professionalism and understand the importance of consistent hard work and dedication to achieve my goals. I was able to carve a path toward my career goals and overcome any obstacles that came my way. I thank Youth Today for allowing me to work alongside people who not only wanted to see me succeed, but also lend a hand in the next step in my career.”

Intern Daniel Rotenberg headshot black & white


Youth Today: Circulation Marketing Associate, 4 months
Marketing Major, Graduation Fall 2017
Career Success, Fall 2019: Premium Guest Services at Delaware North

“Working here has helped me with my email and phone etiquette a lot. Prior to working here, I always found it to be kind of awkward emailing and calling people I have never met, but now I feel much more comfortable. In addition to that, managing a customer base on this level has helped me with my own pool of customers as well — setting in place certain processes to ensure nobody slips through the cracks, etc.”


CSJ: Special Projects Assistant
M.A. Integrated Global Communication, Graduated Fall 2019
Career Success, Spring 2020: Freelance Television Producer & Production Manager

“As a Special Projects Assistant with CSJ I was able to work on and expand the largest spreadsheet I had ever seen! I learned about library database acquisitions, which I plan to incorporate into other business acquisitions in the future. Working with Chelsey and John was a pleasure and the office loves to celebrate one another. As the digital platform host for the Bokeh Focus event, I was able to interact with many of the student photographers and CSJ supporters. I truly valued the partnership with the Maya Heritage Community Project and I hope that we all continue to work together in the future!”


Youth Today: Circulation Marketing Associate, 8 months
Marketing Major, Graduation Fall 2017
Career Success, Fall 2019: Client Partnership Manager at CJ Affiliate

“Youth Today has helped me grow my professional skills and given me great insight as to what to expect after graduation. I can apply the knowledge in interviews, and future employers are always very impressed with my experience. It has been a great transition from a classic college job in the next chapter of my life. I have accepted a job offer with Granite Telecommunications.”

Intern Gabe Valaenu headshot black & white


CSJ: Grant Writing & Fundraising Apprentice, 11 months
Economics Major, Graduation Spring 2019
Career Success, Fall 2019: Project Manager 1 at Comcast

“My time at the CSJ taught me so much while allowing me to feel like I was making an impact with my work. Thanks to understanding and hard-working mentors, I feel prepared to take on the world in my career and am more aware of my skill set and how to use it. Because of my time at the CSJ, I was able to land an important internship with Comcast that I believe has the potential to become a full-time job.”


CSJ: Grant Writing Apprentice, 6 months
English Major, Graduation 2017
Career Success, Spring 2019: Working for The Council of State Governments

“I wanted to say thank you guys for this amazing opportunity! I’ve learned so much in my time of working at CSJ and I truly appreciate all of the knowledge and experience you have given me. My perceptions of nonprofits and grant writing have changed for the better. There is a lot of time, work, passion and energy needed to run nonprofits, which someone on the outside looking in won’t see. It is truly an honor to be immersed in such an amazing environment and to be surrounded by such hard-working people.”


Youth Today: Circulation Marketing Associate, 12 months
Marketing Major, Graduation Fall 2019

“Getting the opportunity to work at the CSJ has been one of the greatest experiences of my college career. Throughout my time here, I have learned a ton about sales and professionalism while also building lasting relationships. The team here is truly like a family and we are constantly teaching and learning from each other. I will definitely carry all of the valuable things I have learned on with me to my future career.”


Youth Today: Circulation Marketing Associate, 5 months
Marketing Major, Graduation Spring 2023
Career Success, Spring 2020: Library Assistant at Horace W. Sturgis Library

“My time at the Center for Sustainable Journalism (CSJ) has assisted me in developing skills crucial to my planned career pathway. I have learned how to professionally interact with clients, manage accounts and successfully generate sales. Although working as a circulation marketing associate has pushed me out of my comfort zone, it has taught me the importance of detail orientation and dedication. Thank you, CSJ!”


Youth Today: Circulation Marketing Associate,
Marketing Major, Graduation Spring 2021
Career Success, Spring 2020: Intern, H3 Media Agency

“Working at Youth Today has been an amazing experience and I will forever be grateful. Although my time here was short, I got the chance to meet some of the kindest and friendliest people. It has helped me become more comfortable with communicating with others and helped me get a better understanding of sales. I’ve greatly enjoyed my time here.”


Youth Today: Marketing Assistant, 14 months
Marketing Major, Graduation Spring 2019
Career Success, Spring 2020: Marketing Specialist at Allbound

“I have been able to use the experience I have gained over the past year in order to secure a job at Kennesaw State Athletics starting in the fall of 2018. My Youth Today job has given me vital experience that makes me stand out when I am interviewing for new jobs.”


Youth Today: Circulation Marketing Associate and Center for Sustainable Journalism: Videography Assistant & Assistant Social Media Coordinator, 24 months
Media and Entertainment Major, Film Minor, Graduation Spring 2020

“During my time at the CSJ, I was able to grow in many ways. This job has introduced me to a variety of potential career avenues such as sales, social media, videography, and journalism. I feel as though I can successfully take on the world. I am grateful for the chance to gain experience and diversify myself for future careers and internships. “


CSJ: Grant Writing & Fundraising Apprentice
English Major, Graduation Summer 2020
Career Success, Spring 2020: Library Assistant at Horace W. Sturgis Library

“I gained invaluable experience at the CSJ under the supervision of Chelsey and John. In my role as the grant writing and fundraising apprentice, I learned how to run a fundraising campaign to cultivate individual donors for nonprofits — something I would have never known how to do otherwise! I can also say I developed expert knowledge on using MailChimp to create marketing materials. I’m now equipped with a set of killer business and writing skills thanks to my time at the CSJ.”


Youth Today: Circulation Marketing Associate, 11 months
Marketing Major, Graduation Spring 2021

“Working at Youth Today has helped me grow as a person and on a business level. The people I worked with are the nicest people I have ever met, and it felt like I had a second family. My mentors helped me succeed in my work and pushed me to be better and shared their knowledge about being in sales. I will forever remember my time here at the CSJ and I will always be thankful.”


Youth Today: Circulation Marketing Associate, 13 months
Professional Sales Major, Graduation Spring 2017
Career Success, Spring 2019: Business Development Representative at Urjanet

“Working at Youth Today has helped me grow on both a personal and business level. I have worked on and fine-tuned my skills in sales, including cold calling, overcoming rejections, finding decision-makers and closing deals. On a personal level, working for Youth Today has taken me out of my comfort zone and made me a more social person. The skills I have learned while working at Youth Today got me a post-grad job at Granite Telecommunications.”


Youth Today: Circulation Marketing Associate, 5 months
Marketing Major, Graduation Fall 2021

“Working at Youth Today has given me great opportunities to explore a career pathway in marketing. I learned how to network and build relationships with current and potential clients. I have a better understanding of sales, which will help me in my future career path. I will use the professional skills I have learned from Youth Today in all of my future opportunities.”


Youth Today: Circulation Marketing Sales Associate, 6 months
Marketing Major, Graduation December 2019
Career Success, Fall 2019: Communications Intern at Elevanta

“Youth Today has taught me essential skills that will be extremely beneficial for my field — from learning how to speak on the phone with clients professionally, to selling the product, to coordinating with other organizations. Working here not only helps me gain experience in professional selling, but also self-confidence and behavior in a professional environment.”


Youth Today: Advertising Account Manager, 15 months
Marketing Major, German Studies Minor, Graduation Summer 2017
Career Success, Fall 2019: Mortgage Loan Officer at MiLEND, Inc

“Youth Today has given me the freedom and support to pursue my future career. The flexibility of the schedule and support of my manager and colleagues helped me look for a full-time position. I am now working at MiLend.”


Youth Today: Circulation Marketing Associate, 9 months
Marketing Major, Graduation Spring 2018
Career Success, Spring 2019: Regional Account Manager at Granite Telecommunications

“This job helped establish my professional experiences in the sales field. Worked around my school schedule and provided internship/co-op credit. I accepted another job opportunity due to Youth Today and my experience I had there. “


Youth Today: Marketing Assistant, 1 month
Marketing Major, Graduation Fall 2018
Career Success, Spring 2019: Marketing Communication Intern at Kaiser Permanente

“Youth Today is awesome! I have only been here since July but I have improved on my attention to detail, organization skills and how to use Google Drive. Youth Today is surely shaping me into the best person I can be.”


Youth Today: Hybrid Circulation Marketing Associate & Advertising Account Manager, 14 months
Professional Sales Major, Graduation Spring 2017
Career Success, Spring 2019: Sales Director at Georgia Bridal Show

“CSJ and Youth Today gave me invaluable sales experience. I had the opportunity to learn about office etiquette, and how to speak better on the phone and successfully close deals. I had many interviews throughout the last semester, all of which were with recruiters and VPs of sales. Everyone I spoke with was very impressed with my experience selling Youth Today and the professionalism I had while speaking to it. I accepted a job offer with Granite Telecommunications. Thanks CSJ!”


Youth Today: Marketing/Business Operations Assistant & Circulation Marketing Associate, 20 months
Marketing Major, Information Systems Minor, Graduation Spring 2021
Career Success, Spring 2020: IBM Marketing Intern

“I started working at Youth Today as a freshman, and I have gained so much experience for my career. I was able to build a strong resume from all the opportunities they offer. The skills I gained from working at Youth Today allowed me to land a recurring paid internship position at State Farm.”

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