Language Learning: Resources

Resources1This section provides resources that can be used when designing language learning activities during out of school time. It includes lesson plans, handouts and curricula that have been generated by programs and program staff.

The resources have been selected because they

  • are designed specifically for the OST context and
  • address language learning appropriately for the OST context.

This means they do not mirror school or what is thought of as traditional or formal classroom instruction. Rather, they build upon youth development enrichment offerings, for example, the arts, social and emotional learning, and youth leadership/civic engagement.

Explore & Download These Resources

Afterschool Providing Key Literacy Supports to English Language Learner Students

This handout developed by the Afterschool Alliance provides the background to, and rationale for, supporting ELL students.  It also provides some strategies for support ELL students will their English language and literacy acquisition, as well as ways to engage their caregivers.

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Guide to working with ELL students.Brochure

English Language Learners in Out-of-School Time & Extended Learning Time

This guide provides best practices for program providers, by the Boston Children's Museum and the Latino After-School Initiative.

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Literacy Capacity Assessment Tool (LITCAT) for School-Age Programs

Assess the underlying foundations that must be in place in order for literacy enrichment to have the maximum benefit for the children in a program with this tool.

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Literacy Capacity Assessment Tool (LITCAT) — Planning Form

This planning form is a companion to the LitCAT Self‐Assessment Tool.

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EL OST Lesson Plans

English Learner (EL) Lesson Plans

These two lesson plans provide a structure to assist in building lessons for an EL program.

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Strategies for supporting ELL students

Strategies to Support English Language Learners

This report provides a list of quick tips for teaching English language learners.

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