Daniel Pollack

How to Banish Child Sexual Groomers

Cockroaches, those infamous, hearty and adaptable bugs, can withstand hostile temperatures that few other...

Dr. Seuss Goes to Juvenile Hall and Other Great Moments

Esteem. Eagerness. Engagement. Elation. Kids in custody become kids for a day. “Cat in the Hat” hats, beloved Dr. Seuss stories, pride to contribute, laughter, fun and the promise of a....

Toolbox: Building a Learning Culture in a Social Services Organization

At Graham Windham, a New York City-based child welfare agency, we have been developing a learning culture over time, an investment in improving our outcomes for children and families, while ensuring that we are able to adapt and innovate in the dynamic, evolving field of child welfare.

SEL Drive in Schools Is Opportunity for Youth Developers

Schools are finally noticing what youth programs have known for decades. The way kids feel about themselves and how they connect with other people really matters. It matters narrowly for how they do in school and more importantly for their long-term choices and opportunities for a happy, productive, fulfilling life.

richard wexler

Lawsuit Reveals Child Welfare’s Assault on Battered Mothers, Their Children

For a mother of two daughters in Will County, Illinois, known in legal papers as Kelly, the morning of May 1 began with her being thrown against a wall so hard she saw stars. When she looked up, she saw the man who did that to her — the father of her children — holding a gun and threatening to use it. Then the father took one of the children and fled. Kelly was terrified the father would hurt her child.

How We Use Students’ Voices to Turn Them Into Activists

It seems like a simple idea — listening to what students have to say. Schools do that all the time. What we learned was that our students were telling us something very important.