From the Field Toolbox: How to Work Successfully With Funders in Youth Work Programming

While it might not be productive to try to rank youth employment stakeholders by their importance, there’s no doubt that funders are essential, if not critical, to the success of any youth employment venture. But working effectively with them, unlike some other stakeholders, is a skill area that leaves little room for error.

Berkeley Bound

I remember the paralyzing fear I felt when I realized I was never going home to my father again. I would never have a normal childhood. But my love for reading saved my life. Reading became my way out.

The Curse of Custody: Enduring Incarceration

Some of the most gifted educators in the field are found inside. The constraints of detention, maintaining safety and security, educating explosive learners and finding probation staff who care about the kids summon a forbearing heart, a steadfast spirit and a giant toolbox of educational strategies. Our students commonly come to us with high hopes, with substandard school histories and with bruised regard; our duty is to deliver.

Art As Resilience and Another Form of Therapy

I worked at earning credits while I was inside juvenile hall, and in 2016 when I was released into placement in, I kept at it. I was two years behind in my high school education, but this June I’m graduating with my high school diploma just in time.

Is Your Standard of Protection What It Should Be?

Abuse issues and safety remain a chief concern for youth service organizations.
While youth service organizations have stepped up training and staff selection efforts in recent years, there is still much work to be done. Abuse prevention and protection must be a strategic initiative.

Program Growth: Two Steps Forward, No Steps Back

We all want to see numeric growth in our programs. Having more youth means our program can impact more lives, offer more student opportunities or programming, and — let’s be honest — will provide more funding.