A Letter from the Editor

"I woke up this morning and felt ..."

This is a chorus, a refrain I'm seeing on social media platforms of all kinds and hearing from colleagues today, post-election. Their feelings are powerful — and we are whole people with feelings, too, which don't just dissipate when we walk into work.


Vote To Give Youth Multiple Chances

I’m asking you to use your vote to prioritize multiple chances for all our youth. Valuing this philosophy might do more than get one’s preferred candidate elected.

Michelle R. Munson

Mental Illness: The Last Acceptable Stereotype?

A series of news stories about the failed mental health system in Massachusetts focused on the tragic loss of life that has occurred due to untreated mental health conditions.


Dear U.S. Presidential Candidate,

"How will my life be better if you are president?"

"Dear Candidate," Youth Today's latest stirring visual piece, features young people of color from the VOX Teen Communications in Atlanta, posing questions to and seeking understanding and fairness from 2016 presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.