Women’s Health Remains a Hot Issue

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The Republican Party has taken a public beating on the issue of women’s health in recent months. In interviews with more than a dozen young people from around the country, Youth Today found that of the seven women, all supported President Barack Obama’s reelection bid, and nearly all mentioned abortion rights or women’s health as one of the reasons why.

“The idea that a woman would have to pay more for insurance just because she might choose to have a child some day is unjustifiable and simply not OK,” said Kate Goertzen, a 25-year-old policy analyst whose family is from Louisiana but who works for a public health nonprofit in Washington, D.C. She volunteers for the Obama campaign, registering voters at D.C. subway entrances, and feels passionately that Obama’s health-care reform bill is a major victory for the president and the public.

“As a young woman, I care about women like me being able to get the preventative and annual health-care services that they need and deserve without jumping through unnecessary and unjustified hoops,” Goertzen said.

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