Supporting Young People Transitioning from Foster Care: Findings from a National Survey

This new study from Child Trends describes the array of services available to foster youth in 47 states and territories until they reach the age of 21 and shows how, despite these available services, the vast majority of foster youth choose to leave the system entirely by the age of 18. These youth completely forego these services and the benefits they bring in education, health and employment opportunities. The possible reasons why they do this as well as some possible ways of still providing the many important services to these youth are discussed.

The Foster Care Housing Crisis

The Chronicle of Social Change produced this first-of-its-kind report which details the growing problem of the national foster care housing crisis, in which the number of youth in foster care is rising at the same time that foster care capacity is either falling or has stalled. The report breaks down the numbers across dozens of states, showing that the problem isn't only that of policy complacency as many states have seen declines in capacity despite efforts to increase it. Overall, the report worryingly finds that at least half of the 50 states have seen capacity significantly decline.