Skill-building Is Only One Piece of the Puzzle in Tech-Training Program NPower

Stephon Stephens didn’t think he would get in.

At 21, he was used to applying to jobs and programs that wouldn’t look past some trouble he got into when he was younger. “It’s hard to move forward when you have a piece of paper saying you’re a criminal,” he said.tephon Stephens didn’t think he would get in.

LA’s Youth Probation Camps Have a Problem With Graduating Kids (But Not What you Think)

The Los Angeles County Office of Education boasts that scores of young people who were at risk of dropping out of high school get their high school diplomas or their GED credentials while they’re in LA County’s juvenile probation camps each year. It’s a monumental and pivotal moment for students who often have fallen behind in school and so might not expect such an accomplishment.

Out-Of-School Time Organizations Play Pivotal Role

Brittany Fisher grew up in the South End of Hartford, Connecticut, a tough neighborhood where gangs flourished.

When she entered South Middle School in 2002, other students found out her mother was a lesbian, and she was bullied. She became a fighter.

Closing the Gap: Youth Workers Helping Youth of Color

Struggling youth, especially those of color, face unique challenges in reaching their goals as they grow up, but according to the educator and OST workers in this visual piece, those growing pains can be alleviated through hands-on mentorship, relatable role models, travel and ambitious goal-setting.