About Youth Today

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Youth Today is the only independent, national media outlet that is read by thousands of professionals in the youth service field.

Some of the issues covered include:

  • Youth development
  • Juvenile justice
  • Gang and violence prevention
  • Adolescent health
  • Teen pregnancy, sex, and parenting
  • After-school programs and mentoring
  • Job training and school-to-work
  • Best practices

Youth Today is full of resources including:

  • An extensive calendar of workshops and conferences related to professional development, youth issues and youth work;
  • Contact information for foundations interested in youth development issues and listings of recent grant awards to youth-serving organizations;
  • Book and video reviews for use with staff and kids;
  • Analysis of groundbreaking research in the youth services field; and
  • Coverage of federal and state legislative issues concerning youth.

Youth Today's Funders

Youth Today relies not only on your subscriptions but also on the generous support of the foundations below. Their grants are awarded with the understanding that the funding does not affect programs we cover or what we report about them. Some grants support specific areas of coverage, such as health and higher education.