National Assembly Launches Portal on Social Welfare History

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The National Assembly has created a portal to historical websites on youth work and human services on its own web home.

The assembly, which began as the National Social Work Council in 1923, has parked the portal on the page that describes its own ascent as one of the major associations representing leaders in the nonprofit health and human services sector.

The portal includes connections to four different web projects dedicated to the history of human services:

-The Human Spirit Initiative, which features stories about past leaders in social entrepreneurs such as Jane Addams, founder of Hull House and chief architect of the country’s first juvenile court.

-Social Welfare History Project, which includes a section describing the evolution of a federal presence on child welfare issues (establishment of the Children’s Bureau, for example, and legislation related to child labor and abuse and neglect.)

-Social Welfare History Archives, the online directory for about 200 collections of organizational records or personal papers related to social welfare services.

-Extra Mile Pathway, operated by the Points of Light Institute, which profiles early pioneers in American volunteerism and connects readers to Points of Light’s blog and volunteering pages.

Click here to access the portal.