Top Headlines 4/29

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Child Welfare

Emily Ramshaw of the Texas Tribune continues her excellent coverage of the child abuse registry in Texas, which has more than 500,000 people on it.  This story, which focuses on one family’s struggle to right their reputation and get off the registry, ran in the New York Times.

From Youth Today: A study in Canada suggests that stress may intensify depression in youth who have experienced child abuse or neglect.


In Trib Local., a local offshoot of the Chicago Tribune, a look at how Workforce Investment Act funding has helped young adults in the Chicago area.

Juvenile Justice

The newly established sex offender process in Colorado offers a hope for redemption, reports Joseph Boven of the Colorado Independent.

After a rancorous round of debate, the Texas House passed a bill that will merge the state agencies that oversee juvenile probation and juvenile facilities, reports Nolan Smith of My San Antonio.

A series of compelling letters to the editor of the  New York Times on the issue of juvenile life without parole.