Enhancing Quality in Afterschool Programs: Fifth-Year Report on a Process Evaluation of Prime Time Palm Beach County, Inc.

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This is the fifth-year report of an evaluation of Prime Time Palm Beach County, an intermediary whose role is to improve after-school programs. Based on phone interviews, conference calls and analysis of reports, this report records the impact of a new Quality Improvement System, or QIS, and enhancement units on after-school programs.

The data showed positive feedback on the QIS, which involved program standards, an assessment process and advisers and peer coaches on premises. Program directors and staff members both were pleased with the process and the use of advisers to help develop higher quality programs.

Obstacles of the QIS included time constraints, lack of support from staff and fears about potential layoffs and limited access to important resources, the report says.

Prime Time is involved in getting others to provide enhancements to various programs, and the enhancements have come to be in high demand, especially those involving literary, science, technology and the performing arts.

Challenges faced by enhancement providers and program directors included miscommunication on dealing with children during enhancement presentations and what to do after the provider left.

The report suggests several questions that can help guide future actions taken by the organization.

Free, 60 pages. http://www.chapinhall.org/sites/default/wp-content/uploads/sites/13/Prime_Time_5_2008_2009.pdf.