Scholarships 101: The Real-World Guide to Getting Cash for College

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Kimberly Stezala
244 pages. $17.95 paperback.

“Scholarship Lady” Kimberly Stezala uses warm encouragement and insider expertise to coach students in how to win scholarships. With more than 3 million high school graduates enrolling in college each year, competition for funds is fierce. Stezala’s four-point plan converts dreams and qualifications into applications that capture judges’ attention. “Why would a scholarship committee want to spend its cash on you if you haven’t invested in yourself?” she asks.

Crucial ingredients include a Team of Champions (mentors who scout scholarship opportunities and critique applications), a gripping essay and a scholarship worksheet. Students further increase their chances by using the intensive home version of Stezala’s workshop, the Scholarship Success Boot Camp.

Supported by a website (, these strategies benefit committed students, with the help of parents, educators and caring adults. (800) 714-6395,