Preventing Adolescent Dating Violence

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The Prevention Researcher

The February issue features four articles on violence in teen dating. This quarterly journal tackles the issue first by defining dating violence, then by exploring the role of peer groups, examining ways for teens in abusive relationships to seek help or for friends to offer help and finally by describing teen perceptions on the issue.

The articles, most of which are written by psychology and social work professors, are based on interviews and extensive research. For example, in the article, "Help-Seeking and Help-Giving for Teen Dating Violence," Arlene N. Weisz and Beverly M. Black report that high school victims of relationship aggression rarely turn to adult professionals like counselors or police officers for help, preferring instead to discuss the matter with their friends. The article provides advise for adults seeking to help teens facing relationship abuse, suggesting they avoid "victim-blaming statements and empowering survivors rather than telling them what to do." $10, 20 pages. (800) 929-2955,