Interpersonal and Physical Dating Violence among Teens

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The National Center on Crime and Delinquency

Interpersonal violence toward a dating partner, whether physical, verbal or emotional, affects up to a third of adolescent girls every year. Studies have shown that there are approximately 5.3 million incidents of interpersonal violence each year, resulting in 1,300 deaths among women, and this study has found that adolescent teens are more likely than adult women to be victims of interpersonal violence. Teenage girls who experience interpersonal violence have a higher risk of engaging in high-risk sexual behavior, including engaging in sexual behavior at a young age or with multiple partners. They also are at greater risk of substance use and suffer from depression more than non-exposed females. To prevent interpersonal violence, the study says education is essential, as many youth don't realize they're victims and don't reach out for help. Free online, 8 pages. (510) 208-0500,