Been There, Survived That: Getting Through Freshman Year of High School

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Edited by Karen Macklin
Zest Books
96 pages. $9.95.

Four survivors of the freshman minefield offer social, academic and practical tips. In “Learn How to Handle Being Messed With,” Hannah, a senior, covers teasing and more serious taunting. Joe, a junior, suggests trying out for a sports team as a way to “step out of your comfort zone.” Carolyn, a senior, makes a case for pleasure reading with her own list of “Top 13 Books.” Max, the only freshman, says it’s OK to “Act Like a Freshman” and also counsels how to craft excuses for handing homework in late. A central theme is coping with friendships. Features include confessional “survival stories” and Top To-Do lists as well as hilarious lists of Top Things NOT To Do.

Slipped into a backpack, this small, friendly notebook-shaped guide could make any freshman’s life easier and more fun. (415) 777-8654,