The Character Chronicles

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Live Wire Media

6 DVDs or Videos, 25 minutes each, with facilitator’s guide. $69.95 each, $359.50 full series.

Based on the “Six Pillars of Character” for which the segments are named, this character education series features middle school students, with each segment framed by commentary from young video bloggers. In group discussions that mine their experiences, the articulate youngsters explore the meaning of each character trait with humor and insight.

In the segment on trust, blogger Judy expands on group confessions about lying, using a skit about how a boy’s fib to avoid playing basketball escalates into a dilemma. In the program on fairness, blogger Chloe incorporates two documentaries about teens: In one, Felicia faces her school’s teen court after bullying a classmate, while in the other, Michael starts a benefit home-run derby to improve baseball experiences for young people with disabilities or other disadvantages. Chloe observes that life becomes fair when we treat others fairly. Other programs follow this structure; some include animation.

Audiences in grades 4 to 8 will be engaged by this lively, peer-presented series. See sample clips and facilitator’s guides online. (415) 522-5660,