We Must Stop the Politics of Hate

On Jan. 20, our country will have a new president who was elected by fewer than half the voters in the U.S. general election. He was elected in great part via his anger pointed at the “other,” including first and foremost Muslims and immigrants. If left unchecked, this politics of anger and hate will not end with just one or two groups . . .

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A Letter from the Editor

"I woke up this morning and felt ..."

This is a chorus, a refrain I'm seeing on social media platforms of all kinds and hearing from colleagues today, post-election. Their feelings are powerful — and we are whole people with feelings, too, which don't just dissipate when we walk into work.

Youth Today Opposes Champion of Inequality

The publisher of Youth Today, the Center for Sustainable Journalism, has had a long and meaningful relationship with our host institution in Georgia, Kennesaw State University.