Young People Protest U.S. Election in Washington, New York, Nationwide

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WASHINGTON — Young people came out in force Wednesday night to protest the election of Donald Trump.

More than 200 people, the vast majority of whom were young, pounded the pavement in front of Trump International Hotel, less than a mile from the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. They chanted, waved signs and lit cigarettes from the flames of a burning American flag before rambunctiously calling out the chorus: “Ain’t no power like the power of the people, because the power of the people don’t stop!”

A gray-haired man in a sports coat called “lock her up,” as he entered the luxury hotel, and the young people retorted from the sidewalk.

Sarah Lorentzen, 19, said she was there to protest Trump’s racist and anti-immigrant comments. “The youth stand for Clinton, because I feel like the youth is a much more progressive demographic, and mindful of minority issues,” she said. “It shows where our future stands to know so many youth stand with Clinton.”

Nick Garcia, 25, came to speak out against what he called the white nationalist alt-right movement, especially its immigration policies. “Our country has come too far with social progressivism to go back at this point, and I’m really worried what a Republican [dominated] government is going to do,” he said. “Hopefully as this generation gets older, we will start to really influence policy.”

Eighteen-year-old Caterra Thompson said the only way for the country to move forward from this election is to bring more awareness of social issues to conservative communities in the United States. “Especially with the younger generation, we are a more liberal generation, so I think it’s moving in the right direction.”

Just as the group began to dwindle, a mass of several hundred more protestors carrying signs like “Not MY President” came marching down historic Pennsylvania Avenue, where Trump will walk in his inaugural parade. The group had walked about two miles from the U Street Metro station with a full police escort, and called out to the group at the hotel to join them in proceeding toward the White House. A few young men flung metal newspaper stands into the street, but other marchers called for a peaceful and damage-free protest.

Relative calm took over when the group gathered behind the White House north lawn, crowding between statues of American revolutionary generals. There, Lance Fisher sang a Lakota prayer song that seemed to soothe the crowd into a moment of reflection. They listened as Gustavo Diaz began playing his clarinet beneath the prayer, with the White House before them on the other side of a chain-link fence.

The youth-led protest in Washington was among many throughout the country in the wake of the surprise election results. Protesters spoke out in cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, as well as college campuses across the nation.

—Allen Fennewald

NEW YORK — Chants of “not my president” and “love trumps hate” filled the air as thousands of young people stood shoulder to shoulder Wednesday night, filling the blocks around Trump Tower with signs reading: “Trump = Racist Rapist,” “Black Lives Matter,” “She Got More Votes” and “Trump, I’m LGBTQ and I’m not afraid of you.”

New York BureauWhile Donald Trump’s election victory pointed a spotlight on vast racial, economic and cultural differences across the country, New Yorkers united to show their sadness, shock and anger over Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election. The rally, which started in Union Square Park, unified those people Trump has so vocally excluded.

Earlier in the day, dark clouds and rain added to the gloomy pall many New Yorkers felt after hearing the election results. Strangers hugged on the subway and bodega owners exchanged knowing glances with teary-eyed customers. Public school teachers struggled to explain to the sons and daughters of New York City’s large immigrant population why the only country they’ve ever called home had just voted for a man who has said they are no longer welcome.

After a somber day, people filled Union Square Park, spilling over into the surrounding streets before beginning the long march toward Trump Tower, located on New York’s ritzy 5th Avenue. More joined as the procession made its way up Broadway. Others waved from office windows and even New York's notoriously impatient cab drivers honked in support, high-fiving marchers as they passed.

In front of Trump Tower, the day's pent-up energy was released with dancing, chants and song.

-By Karen Savage

  • Funk O Mart

    Bunch of childish protester full of that LIBERAL KOOLAID! just promoting more hate.

    • Cayce58

      Said by a programmed mind full of hate. I’ve watched the Republican media and the limbaughs. You are programed to hate and it starts with the word liberal.

    • ken hulse

      their sign saying “she got more votes” says it all The electoral college is a rigged system. That’s the only thing Trump was right about

    • Funk O Mart

      Peter 2:13-16
      13 Be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, 14 or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good. 15 For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people. 16 Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.

  • Michelle Teller
    • badself

      Good insight once agin. I always look forward to your commentary.

  • andrewp3
    • Infinitely Linear Hoosier

      London’s calling….they want you back.

  • I ncognito

    I interact with thousands of young people who constantly give this nearly-retired person great hope for the future. They are bright, energetic, and optimistic. They can hardly do worse than my generation has done for this country. I just hope that they can maintain that forward-thinking attitude in the face of today’s challenges and opposing forces. If they can, they will win the day in the long run.

  • Michelle Teller
  • badself

    I’d bet that 30% of them didn’t vote at all. Young turnout was not good. I think that anyone who is going to complain needs to present their “I voted”sticker first.

    • Michelle Teller

      I bet 50% of them are paid by the White House

    • TheCarMan

      I’ll wager they haven’t even taken the time to register.

  • TheHarbingerofBaal

    Looks like those guardians of the democratic process who were warning about Trump’s Fascist forces not accepting the elections are the real Fascists. I did not vote for Trump, but the left is making me wish I had.

    If these people want America to look like South America, they should remember that that comes with death squads, usually aimed at them.

    • JustThinkingLogically

      You do know that in the last 14 months many South American countries have had their own version of realigning their politics with their people. In almost every case, they’re moving strongly to the right.

      The age of globalist international corporate business may be irreparably damaged.

      And don’t forget that multiple European Union members are also scheduled to vote next year.
      It’s not going to be pretty for the one world globalists as Nationalists work to take back their countries.

  • Michelle Teller
  • Viking.

    The Left are showing their true colors and rioting, after a free and fair election did not go their way. Had hillary won the Right would have accepted it. In this election it is the Democrats that have been beating people up.

    • Cayce58

      It waSN’T FAIR and you’re a liar. Trump said more than once he wouldn’t accept the results if he lost. And the American people have spoken. Hillary got more votes than Trump. This kind of rhetoric is what has warped our process. I saw Trump supporters rough up and sucker punch the opposition yet you pretend you are Donald and lie about which party has formnted the violence. Trump won’t pay YOUR legal expenses. That’s what formenting violence is, telling the crowd they can assault people and not have consequenses.

  • Daniel Bonacum

    Seriously,.. this will stop when the people that voted Trump in, realize they need to continue the anger that made them go out and vote in mass numbers, and use it to pick up guns and start firing into these crowds. Forget the police, the PEOPLE need to do this. Time to discipline our kids, or kill them.

  • Democrats Nose Blind

    The presidential primaries sent a clear message to both parties and that message was that America was sick and tired of politics as usual of establishment politics. One party listened to the people and offered a highly flawed candidate, Donald Trump. Democrats, however, opted to ignore the Sander’s surge and nominate a candidate who was the very embodiment of what is wrong with American establishment politics, the very antithesis of voter sentiment. Polls consistently showed Sanders to be the stronger candidate, but the establishment democratic party was nose blind to the will of the people.

    What the American people did on election day was to flip the bird to establishment politics, establishment institutions that no longer serve them and to establishment scams that had become all too obvious. The message to American political parties is that you perpetuate your scams and ignore voter preference at your own risk. The election of Donald Trump wasn’t a fluke, but the only change option provided by a flawed two party system.

    • Cayce58

      Nice speech. So full of establishment fundamentals. I could get the same speech off any establishment news media and that includes Fox. That isn;t what happened. The Republican Party didn’t listen. The Republican Party just played the whole nation and didn’t learn a thing. 300 filibusters and blame everything on Obama. No jobs, Obama’s fault. But we’re not sorry we filibustered all those bills to stop job loss, we won after all, just like we always do, with lies.

      • Trump and Sanders surged and energized their bases. Clinton won with the super delegates and early name recognition. Voter sentiment was as simple as ABCs; Anybody But Clinton

      • charrob

        Did you even read what he said? What he said was against establishment fundamentals. Like it or not, it was Sanders and Trump who were the anti-establishment candidates. Despite this, the Democrats threw Bernie under the bus.


    TRUMP WON. Rioters please ..Listen to Charles Barkley and the gang of TNT. ILLEGALLY destroying properties will NOT be tolerated by any establishment, and the NATIONAL GUARD will be called. IF Clinton won and Trump people protested, how would Clinton people feel? JAIL time will DESTROY your future, your job search. JAIL TIME and pain and bad record is your accomplishment. Violence will be met by…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

    • Cayce58

      Trump didn’t win. For the 2nd time Republicans have won the electoral and lost the popular vote.


        If the system that we all agreed on is popular vote…Clinton is the winner or the new President. However…We all agreed on electoral vote. You can’t protest against a system that you agreed on & went through it. Now a man in Chicago got beat up for exercising his right. Justice will prevail.

  • Then Again

    Take that energy and fight everything his go-fers are going to do for him! fight every bill that destroys the well being of the old , poor , and children !

  • Bernice Sanders

    Smart young people.
    Thank you Leftists.
    This will really help them hold jobs and raise familes.

  • Richard M

    If your answer to not getting your way is temper tantrums, why should anyone listen to what you have to say?

  • thejerk

    Academia has released these worthless zombies upon us.

  • Bob Gleason

    Where’s the love and acceptance now? These protestors want it their way. They have not had to give up their beliefs for others like the older generation. What happened to Don’t Hate? Progress is more than getting what you want.

  • TheCarMan

    Stop calling these rioters “Protesters”, as it gives them more legitimacy for their actions. They are Anarchists, showing in plain sight their disdain for free elections. They expected the torch to be passed down from Obama to Hillary without any input from the people of this nation. They need to go and live in Cuba or some other communist regime (North Korea?) that follows such rules for leadership.
    Trump does NOT need to address these people, he needs to incarcerate them. They have shown NO interest in unification — it’s their way or else (as can be seen).

  • kjohn034

    Did you really expect anything different?
    Liberals have been taught for the last eight years by you know who to throw a tantrum if you don’t get your way. This is a foot stomping, all out cry fest that will end quietly soon enough. You will wipe your tears, straighten up your face and stand tall and soon realize it’s time to grow up. Just like you did when you you were 4 years old.
    And before you lash out in anger at my comments I voted for Hillary…let’s have a little dignity in our actions and act out by voting in the mid-terms and next Presidential election.

  • 200 people will not fill up a “Texas Roadhouse”. More than 200 people walked out of Amy Schumer’s show after her remarks about Trump. The average guests for a wedding is 136. So you have a crowd of slightly more than an average wedding that are gullible enough to still believe election rhetoric and you act like this is a story.

  • Russo Karsoni

    These kids should do something constructive to “protest.” They come off as uninformed whiners and sheep.

  • ray

    Such hate for Democracy! what are our colleges and universities teaching these kids? not our Constitution.

    Once they are out of school and actualy have to work for a living (no more allowance from parents) and stop smoking so much pot .. maybe .. maybe .. the will turn into good citizens.

  • Ken xlast

    These snot-nosed children were given too many participation trophies. If this is what we have to run this country in the future we have a lot of work to do, and the first thing is to bring back patriotism and common sense. PC and do anything that makes you feel good has ruined our society.

  • Beauceron

    What horrible human beings these rioters are.
    They are the true deplorables.
    I live in NYC. I did not vote for Trump. Stop being petulant, spoiled, ignorant brats and accept the fact that you lost.

  • Jian Dhoh

    There are always people waiting for an excuse to protest. Always. And they always break windows and steal stuff. I guess because their cause demands it. The rest of us should demand that they be tossed in jail.

  • Post Purgatory

    Since when is enforcing our immigration laws considered anti-immigration?
    The youth of this country are a real disappointment.

  • Judy Kudzin

    What horrible comments from these “winners”. A protest march is NOT a riot. It’s the right of the American people to protest. I abhor violence, and I hope the majority of the protesters remain peaceful and that no damage is done. But to the posters who suggested that these young people be either “jailed” or “killed”….is this the America you believe in? Shame on you. By the way, I am a woman, white, and 73 years old. It’s not just the young who are upset over this election.

    • DFMF

      Judy, you might want to read up on the riots in Portland and Minneapolis last night. Setting dumpsters on fire, blocking interstate traffic, breaking windows, and defacing public property with swastikas (which shows a complete and total lack of sensitivity to the families who lived through and were actually affected by the events of WWII) is not considered a protest. Accusing strangers of voting for Trump and then savagely beating them and calling them homophobic slurs before sending them off to the emergency room with broken bones is not considered a protest. That’s a riot.

      These are spoiled, petulant children who know so little of our national history or the workings of our democratic republic that I couldn’t care less what they have to say about these election results. You want your candidate in office? Then go to the polls! Don’t just sit around and wait for someone else to do it – which seems to be the common approach to life for these crybabies. Life is not always going to go their way – is this going to be their reaction every single time? Simply pathetic.

      • Judy Kudzin

        I totally agree with you. The riots are terrible and in no way do I sanction them. I’m for peaceful protests; that’s what Americans are supposed to do. I grant you that several of the “protests” have actually been riots, but many people are marching peacefully. Those are the ones I support.

  • Confused

    This is what happens when progressives get their way, all progressives have done is coddle our future generation, the Millennials, so they don’t lose their self esteem. Now they don’t know how to handle defeat, so they do exactly what is expected of them. They run and cry in their “safe spaces”, like a child does when you tell them NO! Or they throw their temper tantrums by pointless protesting and rioting. Or they just stand there and cry & pout like the pics you see on the internet.

    To all Millennials, (yes I am speaking to you) you will find that you will lose many more times throughout your life. Since your progressive parents and the colleges failed to teach you how to deal with defeat, you will need to learn this on your own. Your progressive/liberal candidate lost, now you have to just deal with it. SO DEAL WITH IT!

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  • jean

    I would really just advise the people who didn’t vote for Trump to not waste your time or energy debating those who did vote Trump. The glee and cockiness on display is going to turn into sheer, unadulterated rage when Trump reneges on his promises. Or better yet, when he fulfills a campaign promise that has consequences for them they have not anticipated. They are going to make these rallies going on now look like picnics. Mark my words.

  • JustThinkingLogically

    Time to put your big girl panties on folks.
    Remember when you liberal progressives gloated when Obama was elected?

    Remember when your president said “elections have consequences” and “I won.” then proceeded to ignore everyone who wasn’t a Republican?

    Remember when you supported Obamacare even lying about the costs to the common citizen?

    Remember when you shouted down anyone who didn’t agree with you, preferring to call us names instead of addressing our concerns.

    Why did Trump win?

    It’s because of YOU!