Education Talent Search Program Grants

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Subject: Education, Higher Education, Youth Development, Disadvantaged Youth
Deadline: Feb. 5, 2016

"The purpose of the Talent Search Program is to identify qualified individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds with potential for education at the postsecondary level and encourage them to complete secondary school and undertake postsecondary education. Talent Search projects publicize the availability of, and facilitate the application for, student financial assistance for persons who seek to pursue postsecondary education, and encourage persons who have not completed programs at the secondary or postsecondary level to enter or reenter and complete these programs."

Funder: Department of Education
Eligibility: "Institutions of higher education, public and private agencies, and organizations including community-based organizations with experience in serving disadvantaged youth, combinations of such institutions, agencies and organizations, and secondary schools, for planning, developing, or carrying out one or more of the services identified under this program."
Amount: $230,000
Contact: Link.