Child Welfare, Family Support, Housing, and Environmental Program Grants

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Subject: Child Welfare, Family Support, Housing, Environment
Deadline: Ongoing

"We consider requests for funding that meet the overall mission and goals of the Foundation. We fund a variety of time-bound projects, core costs, technical assistance and collaborative activities. However, each programme has its own funding criteria, geographic scope and requirements.

Child Abuse Programme - We envision a world in which all children are protected from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. We support initiatives to: 1) eliminate the sexual exploitation of children; 2) engage men and boys in combating the sexual abuse of children; and 3) promote systemic approaches to prevent violence against children.

Housing and Homelessness Programme - We focus on preventing homelessness by funding sustainable solutions that improve the economic and social wellbeing of marginalised youth, adults and families.

Environment - These two threats are disproportionately impacting the lives of the economically disadvantaged, a fact that has led us to focus on the conservation of marine resources and the mitigation of climate change."

Funder: Oak Foundation
Eligibility: Primarily non-profit organizations. "We do not provide support to individuals, and do not provide funding for scholarships or tuition assistance for undergraduate or postgraduate studies. We also do not fund religious organizations for religious purposes, election campaigns or general fund-raising drives."
Amount: $25,000+
Contact: Link.