Insurance Shopping: Questions and Consideration

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While a thoughtful policy and procedure manual will help manage an after-school program’s risk, the program should also consider what kinds of insurance it needs, according to a Utah Department of Workforce Services manual entitled “ABC 123, Starting Your Afterschool Program.”

Melanie Lockwood Herman, executive director of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center urges programs to think about the activities the program offers and what could go wrong when deciding whether to purchase insurance. They should also contemplate what they can afford, how long the activity will last, and whether they are the best entity to manage the risk and limit the harm, she advised. In those instances where the program is using another organization’s space, for example, the host organization may be better suited to carry insurance on the property.

Checking the state’s child care resource and referral agency or child care licensing department will also tell the program whether there are state-specific insurance coverage requirements, according to the manual.

When shopping for insurance, the manual recommends asking the following questions created by the National Network for Child Care:

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