Adviser Pushes Students to put Life Stories on Paper

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When the time comes for Evan Forster to help young people who participate in the College Bound program at Chess-in-the-Schools to craft their college application essays, he goes out of his way to avoid having them write about chess.

“That is the easy default,” said Forster, founder and owner of Forster-Thomas Inc., an educational and career consulting firm, and Essay Busters, a nonprofit.

“But chess is already all over their candidacies,” said Forster, who has served as a college adviser at Chess-in-the-Schools for 12 years.

“So their personal statement should add something new, get into the student’s soul,” Forster explained. “Otherwise, our kids begin to cancel one another out, telling the same story about how chess changed their lives.

“We want them all to get in, not just the few with the most compelling chess stories.”

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