Legal Education Diversity Pipeline Grant Program

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Subject: Education, Minority Youth, Disadvantaged Youth
Deadline: Apr. 10, 2017 (letters of inquiry)

“The Legal Education Diversity Pipeline Grant Program awards grants to current or proposed programs that conduct effective interventions to enhance access to legal education for students from diverse backgrounds, with an emphasis on historically underrepresented minority students and students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The program awards grants that address the issue of enhanced access to legal education at the national level, or encompass more localized efforts that might be efficiently scaled across institutions and regions for greater impact. We encourage applications from programs that display a collaborative approach and strong partnerships with other organizations to achieve the goal of enhancing access to legal education.”

Funder: Access Group – Center for Research & Policy Analysis
Eligibility: “Access Group will review grant proposals from its member law schools and other nonprofit and public organizations which are classified as tax-exempt under § 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Code) or as “public” charities under § 509(a)(1), (2) or (3) of the Code, as well as public organizations that are designated under § 170(c) of the Code. Faculty, practitioners and researchers are eligible for grants through their affiliated organization provided that the organization maintains a qualified tax-exempt status as described above.”
Amount: $25,000 – $125,000
Contact: Link. 

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