Education and Education Policy Research Grants

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Subject: Education, Research, Education Policy
Deadline: Mar. 7, 2017

“The Institute of Education Sciences (the Institute) will consider unsolicited applications for research, evaluation, and statistics projects that would make significant contributions to the mission of the organization. The Institute’s mission is to expand fundamental knowledge and understanding of education and to provide education leaders and practitioners, parents, researchers, and the general public with unbiased, reliable, and useful information about the condition and progress of education in the United States; about education policies, programs, and practices that support learning, improve academic achievement, and increase access to education opportunities for all students; and about the effectiveness of Federal and other education programs. Under this announcement, the Institute can consider applications for projects that are not eligible under the Institute’s current grant competitions.”

Funder: Institute of Education Sciences
Eligibility: Unspecified
Amount: Unspecified
Contact: Link. 

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