Dominion K-12 Math, Science, Energy and Environment Education Grants

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Subject: Education, STEM, Environmental Education, Youth Development
Deadline: May 15, 2015

NOTE: These grants have limited geographic eligibility. Visit the contact link below for more information.

"Each year, Dominion offers grants that provide elementary and secondary educators with the tools they need to revitalize math and science programs. In the area of K-12 education, Dominion accepts grant applications, up to $10,000, to encourage the development of new programs to strengthen math and science education through the study of energy or the environment.

Successful grant proposals should represent innovative and promising ideas, teach math and/or science skills, reach a significant number of students and demonstrate broad-based community support. Proposals must align with one of the following target areas:

  • Environmental Education: projects to develop math and/or science skills through the study of the environment.
  • Energy Grants: projects designed to increase students' awareness of energy efficiency and conservation, energy sources or other energy-related topics."

Funder: Dominion
Eligibility: "Public and private elementary and secondary schools and public school divisions that are registered with the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), institutions of higher education and 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations are invited to apply."

  • "Mini-grants (up to $1,000) for small projects that enhance the teaching of math and/or science. Please note: mini-grants are not limited to energy and the environment;
  • Larger grants (ranging from $1,001-$5,000) for environmental and/or energy projects involving a few classes/small number of students;
  • Exceptional grants (ranging from $5,001-$10,000) for environmental and/or energy projects with a broader reach. These projects should: involve larger numbers of children and/or classes; have a school-wide/system-wide focus, or involve the surrounding community."

Contact: Link.