Strengthening the Public’s and/or K-12 Students’ Environmental Literacy for Community Resilience to Extreme Weather Events and Environmental Changes

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Subject: Education, Environmental Education, STEM, Community Development
Deadline: Apr. 13, 2015

"The goal of this Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) is to strengthen the public’s and/or K-12 students environmental literacy to enable informed decision-making necessary for community resilience to extreme weather events and environmental changes. Projects should build the environmental literacy necessary for community resilience by focusing on geographic awareness and an understanding of Earth systems and the threats and vulnerabilities that are associated with a community’s location.

In order for communities to become more resilient, their members must have the ability to reason about the ways that human and natural systems function and interact; to understand the scientific process and uncertainty; to reason about the ways that people and places are connected to each other across time and space; and to weigh the potential impacts of their decisions systematically. Projects will be based on the latest science about the threats and vulnerabilities facing communities and consider socio-economic and ecological factors. NOAA will consider funding a wide range of project types, but all projects must actively engage participants in learning about and addressing real-world issues. Projects must utilize NOAA’s vast scientific data, data access tools, data visualizations, and/or other physical and intellectual assets available on these topics. In order to facilitate the use of NOAA’s assets, projects are strongly encouraged to involve partnerships with relevant NOAA entities (offices, programs, etc.) and/or NOAA employees and affiliates."

Funder: Department of Commerce - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA)
Eligibility: Eligible applicants for this funding opportunity are limited to institutions of higher education; other nonprofits, including informal education institutions such as museums, zoos, and aquariums; K-12 public and independent schools and school systems; and state, local and Indian tribal governments in the United States.
Amount: $250,000 - $500,000
Contact: Link.