The Learning Curve 2014

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An international education report by the Economist Intelligence Unit and published by Pearson.

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Author(s): The Economist Intelligence Unit

Published: May 15, 2014 by Pearson

Report Intro/Brief:
"To solve a problem, you need to understand why it exists in the first place. An obvious notion, but one that cannot always be taken for granted. Two years ago, Pearson asked The Economist Intelligence Unit to help gather, organise and interpret data about 50 of the world’s education systems. Our goal was to make a contribution to the global debate on learning outcomes, and help to open up what happens inside the ‘black box’ of education. What resulted is The Learning Curve – the only open living resource, where 2,500 data points on educational, economic and social indicators from the widest array of international educational indicators exist in one place.

This year’s Learning Curve has taken skills for life as its theme, hoping to synthesise some emerging lessons with an agenda for change. It is, again, small data – a contribution to the global discussion on learning, not the whole answer. But – as educational debates shift from a focus on inputs to learning outcomes, we hope what we have discovered will drive others to take up the baton and do more work in this field."
-from the report