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Melanie Lockwood Herman, executive director of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, suggests employee handbooks, another important piece to limiting liability, include the following items:

• Welcome, including handbook use and purpose, at-will employment, right to change policies

• EEO Statement

• Anti-Harassment Policy

• Introductory Period (sometimes inappropriately called the probationary period)

• Employee Classifications

• Nepotism (hiring of relatives) Policy

• Performance Appraisals

• Benefits Summary

• Paid and Unpaid Time Off

• Work Hours, Rest Breaks, Schedules, Timekeeping Requirements, Overtime policy

• Safety Policy, Drug-Free Workplace Policy, Security

• Technology and Privacy Policy (including computers, e-mail, Internet, phones, PDAs and other wireless communications devices, blogs, etc.)

• Punctuality and Attendance

• Confidentiality Policy

• Conflict of Interest Policy

• Progressive Discipline Policy (if applicable)