Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting and Best Practices

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Two brothers enrolled in an after-school program participate irregularly – daily one week and then not at all the next. The program manager notices they stuff non-perishable snacks into their pockets each evening before the program closes – exceeding the provisions of the program by sneaking as many granola bars and pretzels as they can.

A 14-year-old straight-A student hands a freshly completed original essay to her after-school supervisor. She’s proud of her prose – and the maturity she must demonstrate in living alone with her twin brother while her mom stays down the street with her boyfriend.

A 13-year-old arrives to her after-school program with a backpack and a hardened determination to find someplace safer to stay: Grandma, she tells the program staff, has just hit her with a two-by-four because she broke a serious house rule.

These are all cases of neglect and abuse – which must be reported to child protective authorities. 

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