Grants Awarded – First Quarter 2012

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George Gund Foundation
(216) 241-3114
Cleveland, Ohio

  • Chess for Success Inc.
    Cleveland, Ohio
    -Cleveland Municipal School District chess program.
  • The Cleveland Foundation
    Cleveland, Ohio
    -Portfolio of Excellent Schools Initiative.
  • Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland
    Cleveland, Ohio
    -Program support.
  • Economic Growth Foundation
    Cleveland, Ohio
    -Education research.
  • Council for A Strong America Fight Crime: Invest in Kids
    Powell, Ohio
    -Operation support.
  • Case Western Reserve University
    Cleveland, Ohio
    -Center for Innovative Practices’ juvenile justice related survey, research and analysis.
    -Schubert Center for Child Development’s work on policy related to juvenile justice reform
  • Advocates for Youth
    Washington, DC
    -Science-based comprehensive sexuality education.
  • Family Planning Association of Northeast Ohio, Inc.
    Painesville, Ohio
    -Teen clinics.
    $50,000 over 2 years.
  • Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States
    New York, NY
    -Ohio sexual education initiatives.
  • Shoes and Clothes for Kids Inc.
    Cleveland, Ohio
    -Purchasing and distribution.



Northwest Area Foundation
(651) 224-9635
St. Paul, Minnesota

  • National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders
    -To expand regional partnerships in leadership development and small business strategies.
  • Latino Economic Development Center
    -For its Minnesota Rural Farming and Agricultural Latino Co-op Initiative.
  • Mountain States Group
    -For an initiative to foster green enterprise development and expansion among disadvantaged entrepreneurs, women, minorities, and refugees.
  • Consensus Council, Inc.
    -To support a statewide coalition that advocates for policies to reduce poverty and build prosperity.
  • Minnesota Council of Non-Profits
    -To engage racial justice advocates in tax and budget analysis and to protect anti-poverty programs from state budget cuts.
  • Oregon Center for Public Policy
    -To build the capacity of anti-poverty groups engaged in tax policy debates.
  • Rural Dynamics, Inc.
    -In support of its Family Economic Security Program and several other asset-building services that it offers in rural and reservation communities in Montana and the Dakotas.



MJ Murdock Charitable Trust
(360) 694-8415
Vancouver, WA

  • Boys and Girls Club of Albany
    -New building for teen and athletic programs.
  • Camp Korey
    -Building renovations to serve young people with life altering conditions.
  • Catholic Social Services Center
    Facility purchase and renovation to serve homeless women and children.
  • Children’s Cancer Association
    -MyMusicRX program expansion to serve children and their families.
  • Elevate Oregon
    -New staff and equipment to serve students in East Multnomah County.
  • Evergreen Freedom Foundation
    -Expand leadership program to further civic education.
  • International Justice Mission
    -New staff for national youth education program to end slavery.
  • La Clinica del Valle Family Healthcare Center, Inc.
    -New dental clinic to serve low income families and youth.
  • McKay High School
    -Student molecular biology investigations.
  • Montana Children's Home & Hospital dba Shodair Children's Hospital
    -New facility for family education.
  • Northwest Indian Colleges
    -Campus technology improvements for enhanced, culturally based education.
  • Trillium Family Services, Inc.
    -Old school renovation to enhance services for youth with acute mental illness.
  • Warner Pacific College
    -Urban call to action initiative to serve underrepresented students.
  • Woape, Inc.
    -To provide job skills training for youth.
  • World Forestry Center, Inc.
    -Capital improvements to enhance educational facilities.
  • Young Life
    -Multicultural/urban ministry expansion to serve Tacoma and Seattle youth.