Top Headlines for 2/8

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Child Welfare

The Florida House has passed spending bills that will cut about $2.3 million for the state’s homeless coalitions, reports Ashley Lopez of the Florida Independent.


The editorial board of Ohio’s Ironton Tribune urges passage of Sen. Dick Durbin’s bill to close a loophole that allows for-profit colleges to not count GI Bill money as part of their 90 percent federal funding cap. The rule is not different for other types of colleges, but eight of the 10 biggest recipients of GI Bill funding are for-profits.

Juvenile Justice

John Barnes of reports that prosecutors have decided not to appeal the resentencing of Michigan man Anthony Jones, who was initially given life without parole for a 1979 crime he committed as a juvenile and will now have a chance at parole. The decision not to appeal means there is no chance that the decision in Jones’ case will not immediately affect any of the state’s other juvenile lifers.

Gene Racz of My Central Jersey reports on the career of juvenile judge Roger Daley, who helped turn his New Jersey court into one that gave juveniles a chance to be held accountable within their communities before relying on secure options. Recently, Daley has refused in three cases to grant motions by prosecutors seeking to try juveniles as adults (the appellate court reversed him in two cases).