Top Headlines for 1/20

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Child Welfare

Very sad news: the Chicago-based Jane Addams Hull House Association announced yesterday it would close and file for bankruptcy, reports Kate Thayer of the Chicago Tribune. The organization has dealt mostly with the Illinois child welfare system, but Addams is responsible for helping to establish the first juvenile court in the country.


New York City Council members and nonprofit leaders slammed the city this week for cutting 200 after-school programs, reports Julie Shapiro of DNAinfo. "That is not a budget cut — this is an atrocity," said City Councilman Lewis Fidler, who led Thursday's Youth Services Committee hearing.

The slashing of the inspector general budget at the Corporation for National and Community Service is a bad thing for the nonprofit sector, opines Rick Cohen on the website of the Nonprofit Quarterly.

Juvenile Justice

A 10-year-old San Diego boy accused of killing his best friend is being held in detention, reports Richard Marosi of the Los Angeles Times. The boy will be evaluated soon to determine whether he is competent to stand trial; he could be incarcerated until age 25 if he is found to have committed the crime.