Top Headlines for 12/12

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Child Welfare

Alabama’s tough new immigration law has not been used to take children away from their illegal immigrant parents despite the earlier predictions and fears of some immigrants, reports Bob Johnson of the Associated Press.


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed off last week on an inner-city youth employment program, including $62 million for job training and $25 million in tax credits, reports the Brooklyn Eagle.

Two House Republicans have submitted legislation aimed at reforming the Workforce Investment Act, reports SCV News from Santa Clarita, Calif.

Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times looks at the lobbying efforts of the for-profit college industry in the months building up to White House-issued regulations of them, rules that drew criticism from some corners for being watered down.

San Diego Reader blogger Don Bauder wonders how much money was made by Washington insiders who knew the rules were going to be weak.

Kern County, Calif. epitomizes the contentious debate over where to draw the line in exacting school discipline, reports Susan Ferriss from iWatch News.

Juvenile Justice

A Laramie County, Wyo. panel at the heart of juvenile justice reform in the state, wants to hear from anyone who has information about violence incidents at a local juvenile jail, reports Associated Press.