Top Headlines for 11/3

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Child Welfare

Simone Wilson of L.A. Weekly digs into the report released yesterday that found 1,178 Los Angeles youth were in foster care because their parents were involved in deportation proceedings. Click here for Youth Today’s story on the report.


Donna Jones of the Santa Cruz Sentinel profiles a Head Start program for the children of migrant workers, which was named a Center of Excellence this week by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Obama moved up the timeline on assisting federal student loan borrowers, writes Eva Pereira of Forbes, but what about private loan borrowers? As of 2010, there was an outstanding $168 billion in private college loans.

Shares in the stock of for-profit giant Career Education Corporation plummeted yesterday after the company let go of CEO Gary McCullogh, reports Brian Stewart of Campus Progress.

Alabama's attorney general questioned Wednesday whether the federal government has the legal right of to ask for data from school districts in the state, reports Gustavo Valdes of CNN.

Juvenile Justice

A West Virginia judge told a crowd on Tuesday the number of state youth who dropped out of school in the past 10 years (34,000) is “staggering,” reports Matthew Umstead of the Herald-Mail. Judge Alan Moats said that 80 percent will end up going to prison.

A Louisiana county did not wait long to settle with the U.S. Justice Department to clean up a juvenile detention center at which the Justice Department found “credible reports of sexual and physical inmate abuse at the hands of staff members,” reports Eric Heisig of the Daily Comet.