Top Headlines 8/29

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Child Welfare

Benjamin Weiser of the New York Times reports on documents related to a lawsuit involving one of the most brazen and disturbing child welfare schemes in recent memory. The documents identify points at which New York missed the fraudulent behavior of Judith Leekin, who adopted 11 disabled children in the city and moved to Florida, where she subjected them to years of abuse while collecting more than million dollars in subsidies.

An immigration lawyer in Tennessee told Tennessean reporter Brian Hass that deportation proceedings against non-criminals are continuing despite a White House announcement that proceedings against criminals would become the immediate priority.


More than two dozen Boston area schools are banding together to help the state’s high school graduates stay in college once they get there, reports Mary Carmichael of the Boston Globe.

All three of the Baltimore mayoral candidates agreed to a pledge, drafted by a local nonprofit, to create 1,000 summer jobs for youth and double funding for after-school programs, reports Julie Scharper of the Baltimore Sun.

Juvenile Justice

Retired Washington State judge Bobbe Bridge opines in the Federal Way Mirror about the need for early intervention in addressing the problem with gang violence in King County.

The issue of juvenile gun violence is front and center in the Cincinnati area after recent shootings, reports Andy Sedlak and Kareem Elgazzar of the Middletown Journal. The reporters do a nice job here reporting on recent alarming cases and pointing out that youth gun violence is on the decline.