Top Headlines 7/21

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Child Welfare

The Washington Post’s Maggie Fazell Fard profiles a nonprofit helping a group of D.C. foster children imagine a life after their teenage years.

Ashley Lopez of the Florida Independent reports on the state legislature’s slashing of state funds for home visitation programs, which means the state will also forgo some federal money for the program.

C.K. Hayek, who writes the Child Welfare Blog, discusses the many layers of trauma involved in the recent suicide of a child welfare worker in Oklahoma, and how the state child welfare agency should be addressing the situation.


The nearly united front posed by for-profit colleges against the Obama Administration seems to have fractured to some extent into “signatories of the accord” and “other,” reports Vicky Phillips of Inside Higher Ed.

Then on the other hand, reports Chris Kirkham of the Huffington Post, the major trade organization for for-profits just filed a lawsuit seeking to strike down the administration’s rules on gainful employment and excessive student debt.

Juvenile Justice

The Citizens Voice of Pennsylvania asks in regard to the sentencing process for the two judges involved in the Luzerne County juvenile court scandal, “What’s the delay?”