Top Headlines 4/1

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Child Welfare

Journal-Inquirer Managing Editor Chris Powell mourns what he calls just another month in Connecticut’s decline, citing a number of violent and abusive incidents involving youth and troubled parents.


All colleges, not just the for-profit ones, should have to account for student debt, writes Penny, managing director for the Coalition for Educational Success, in response to a Seattle Times editorial in support of the Obama administration’s gainful employment rule.

Mary Ann Zehr of Education Week reports on a study that finds the much-lauded KIPP charter middle schools are doing a great job of educating students who persist, but not all who come.

South Carolina wants to use driving privileges as a sanction for dropping out or skipping too many classes, reports the Associated Press.

Juvenile Justice

Jeff Adelson of the Times-Picayune reports on a juvenile justice commission’s effort to move on from an embarrassing scandal involving a member of its board pilfering $1 million.


The two-year-old Social Innovation Fund should not be nixed amidst a list of long-running programs that may or may not have proven their worth, writes Channing Wickman in an op-ed for The Hill. Wickman is executive director of the Washington AIDS Partnership, a fund grantee.