What Are Business Leaders Saying about Workforce Readiness?

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What Are Business Leaders Saying about Workforce Readiness?

Corporate Voices for Working Families

 The vast majority of America’s business leaders believe investing in workforce development is vital for business and many of them already partner with community groups that sponsor mentoring, internship programs, after-school programs and other youth-serving projects, according to a survey of 150 business leaders published by the nonprofit business group Corporate Voices for Working Families.

Ninety-seven percent of surveyed business leaders agreed with the notion that “their organization considers workforce readiness a critical business imperative.”

Though the report itself only lists the types of community partnerships business leaders say they are engaged in, without providing rates of prevalence for these partnerships, a Corporate Voices for Working Families spokesperson said 26 percent of respondents partner with mentoring programs and 28 percent work with work-based internship programs. Other community groups received smaller percentages because of  the varying needs of each business leader, but among the projects listed were after-school programs or child care; apprenticeships; certification programs; college awareness programs; summer programs and tuition reimbursement/scholarships.

Corporate Voices compiled the report based on several surveys, focus groups and interviews in 2009 and 2010.

The business leaders already engaged in these community partnerships did share a few challenges and frustrations of the process, including lack of data linking investments to direct impact on youth and families; repeated conversations with numerous partners; and lack of transparency from the community group.

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