Rally for Jobs

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Photo: Coalition to Save Youth Employment

Members of the Coalition to Save Youth Employment demonstrated outside the U.S. Capitol last month – some of them in a raft and others carrying buckets, to illustrate the plight of youths in a sinking job market, with no one bailing them out.

Speakers from youth organizations touted youth employment as a way to stimulate the economy and help youths and their families. The demonstration was led by the Latin American Youth Center, Sasha Bruce Youthwork, Alliance of Concerned Men, National Network 4 Youth and Alternative Schools Network.

The House of Representatives recently passed a bill that would include $600 million for summer jobs – half the amount of Recovery Act funds designated for last year’s summer youth employment program. The bill, which has the support of the Obama administration, was sent to the U.S. Senate in late March.

Meanwhile, the federal government released an evaluation of last summer’s jobs programs. See this story.