The Essential Nonprofit Fundraising Handbook: Getting the Money You Need from Government Agencies, Businesses, Foundations, and Individuals

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Michael A. Sand and Linda Lysakowski
Career Press
224 pages. $14.99 paperback.

As nonprofit funding sources founder in the struggling economy, one sound investment is this practical guide to every aspect of nonprofit fundraising.

Distilling their expertise from more than a thousand training workshops, the authors introduce the process of “forever fundraising.” The idea is that small nonprofits survive by fundraising every day. A diversified plan combines such strategies as an annual campaign, planned giving, special events and an up-to-date website that makes online donating easy.

Individual donations comprise 85 percent of all U.S. philanthropic giving – and 95 percent of those contributions come from 5 percent of the donors, who must be cultivated in person. Methods for pursuing donors through major gifts, direct mail, telephone and Internet appeals are clearly described, along with strategies from “-thons” to capital campaigns.

These coaches demystify grant proposals, “friend-raiser” open houses and other efforts, and identify common mistakes, such as overreliance on grants or failing to involve all staff and board members in fundraising. They stress key messages that make fundraising effective: planning, networking, building relationships and never giving up.

This mini-course and pep talk makes the case for fundraising as a satisfying endeavor. (800) 227-3371,