Youth Today’s Best Youth Work Fellowships

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You’re ready to take your skills to “the next level.” You’re aching to explore your field in depth through higher education. You have a great idea for a new way to attack a social problem. But who’s going to give you the time and the money to do it?

The organizations listed here do just that, through fellowships.

One of the most coveted forms of professional development, fellowships typically aim to give you time off from the rigors of your daily work, with the expectation that you will emerge from the experience with renewed energy, a new level of expertise and a new mission. You might use a fellowship to build leadership skills, to pursue a new strategy to help youth and families, or to research an issue in depth.

Fellowships come in a variety of forms. Some fund academic study, while others focus on practical experience, such as working as an aide in Congress. They require different levels of commitment from your employer, such as financial contributions and holding your job for you when you return. They range from a few months to more than a year long.

Here is a selected sampling of fellowships of interest to youth workers and advocates.