Beyond the Checkbook: A Financial Management Guide for Leaders of Small Youth-Serving Organizations

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Robert E. LaVallee, Kate Sandel
107 pages. $25 spiral-bound, free download.

Among the challenges faced by nonprofits is financial survival. For leaders with little financial management experience, this guide’s sound practices help make nonprofit organizations with budgets under $2 million successful in their mission. Clear directions begin with the basics for building a financial management system. A chart maps money-management tasks for staff members in organizations of various sizes, from a small volunteer group to an organization with 30 employees.

Eleven chapters explain concepts and practices: how to choose accounting software, create and use a budget, generate reports and more. The focus is on managing funds; fundraising is not covered. A well-designed format includes sample forms, charts, resource lists, and sidebars with tips and definitions. (202) 628-4200,