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Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)

Many of America's nonprofits - including "safety-net" organizations that offer basic and social services to at-risk populations - are "being strained to the breaking point by the recession," according to this survey of nearly 1,000 nonprofit leaders from across the nation.

Large numbers of survey respondents said they expect decreases in funding from the government (43 percent), foundations (62 percent) and individuals (49 percent). Nearly one-third said their organizations could not cover more than a month of expenses with the cash they have on hand, and about half said they expect the recession to negatively affect their finances for two or more years. Ironically, due to the same economic downturn, 93 percent of respondents said they anticipate an increase in the demand for the "safety-net" services they provide in 2009.

In response to the financial crunch, respondents have taken action in the past year, or plan to take action in the upcoming year, to reduce or eliminate programs (39 percent), reduce staff or salaries (41 percent) or delay payments to vendors (23 percent).

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