Community Services Locator: An Online Directory for Finding Community Services for Children and Families

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Susan Brune Lorenzo and Rochelle Mayer
Maternal and Child
Health Library

This new online directory makes it easy to find local services for children and families. Organized by a librarian and an educator who specialize in family health, the contents are arranged under six main headings: Child Care/Early Childhood Education, Education/Special Needs, Family Support, Financial Support, Health and Wellness, and Parenting. Under Family Support, for example, are 10 sections, including child abuse and respite care, each containing Web links to agencies, organizations, hotlines, support groups and more, with state and local contacts. For each listing (such as Childhelp USA and Find Your Local PTA), the locator offers search tips. It also points to “Knowledge Paths” on its host website, the Maternal and Child Health Library at Georgetown University, leading to a wealth of resources, including publications and toolkits.