Seeking Youth: Youth Groups, Christian Organizations Attract Young People by Connecting

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The Wenatchee (Wash.) World

According to youth pastors in North Central Washington, prayer, follow-up and ownership are key aspects of outreach and retention in their youth programs. Youth leaders whose Christian programs routinely draw 100 to 300 youths per week cited follow-up phone calls by staff members who tell youth, “We saw you … and are glad that you came,” friendly and welcoming staffers who have a “passion for this generation,” bilingual programming, music, and allowing youth to “have a say.” Other major factors were involvement by adults and church leaders, and requiring youths to make a commitment to the program. “We have pool and games and stuff, but the draw is that someone really cares about them,” said Desiree Knemeyer of a storefront outreach program called Solomon’s Porch. May 2,