Cities in Crisis: A Special Analytic Report on High School Graduation

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Editorial Projects in Education Research Center

Released by the America’s Promise Alliance to help launch its Dropout Prevention campaign, this report provides data and colorful charts about specific cities to contribute to the growing statistical evidence about the nation’s school dropout problem.

Among the findings: Only 52 percent of youth served by the “main school systems in the nation’s 50’s largest cities” graduate from high school; in 35 of the nation’s largest cities, graduation rates are far lower in the urban schools than in the surrounding suburbs; and the 50 largest cities account for 23 percent of the 1.2 million students who “fail to graduate with a diploma each year.”

“Graduating from school in America’s largest cities amounts, essentially, to a coin toss,” the report says. Free. 14 pages. (202) 657-0600,