2008 Directory of State Children’s Cabinets and Councils

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Elizabeth Gaines, Nalini Ravindranath, June Folliard
The Forum for Youth Investment
32 pages.
Free at www.forumfyi.org/Files/CC_Directory.PDF.

The movement to create cross-agency bodies to coordinate state services for youth has gained momentum in recent years, with half of the 21 cabinets or councils having been established since 2002. This directory provides snapshots of the organization and achievements of each state group, under such headings as Membership, Staffing, Initiatives, Funding and Accomplishments. That structure allows for easy analysis of how these groups “are systematically changing the fragmented and ineffective way states typically do business for children and youth.”

This useful planning tool should inspire initiatives in other states. A quarterly series about the cabinets, “Elements of Success Issue Briefs,” will be released this year. A related Forum report, “Getting Results for Children and Youth,” is summarized in Report Roundup. (202) 207-3333, www.forumfyi.org.