Hope Matters: The Untold Story of How Faith Works in America

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John A. Calhoun

Bartleby Press

238 pages. $23.50.

The book profiles 24 people across the country who are making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Calhoun – founder and former CEO of the National Crime Prevention Council – spent two years criss-crossing America listening to the stories of the 24 people, who are of various religious backgrounds and who talk of hope and inspiration.

David Whittaker, for example, was raised in segregated North Carolina in the 1950s, where the textile mills ran the towns. His parents had minimal educations, but instilled in him a sense of faith and a work ethic that has directed his life path. Today he is the executive director of the Chicago Area Project, which coordinates programs, with the help of 40 affiliates, for some of Chicago’s poorest and roughest neighborhoods. Whittaker says his faith helps get him through the darker periods and he is continually amazed by the faith and hope of others. (800) 953-9929, http://www.bartlebythepublisher.com.